An offender has been stabbed during a violent home invasion.
An offender has been stabbed during a violent home invasion.

What led a high man to invade home before getting stabbed

A Tweed Heads man is lucky to be alive after a home invasion resulted in him being stabbed in the neck.

Matthew Taylor, 24, was still recovering from his injury when he was taken into custody Tweed Heads Local Court heard on March 12.

Court documents reveal, on the night of April 16, 2020 at 8.50pm the victim was alone in his lounge room when he heard a noise coming from the front door as though someone was trying to enter.

He arose to inspect and Taylor and another unknown male entered.

A scuffle immediate broke out in the front hallway of the home - the victim fearing injury grabbed a chair for defence.

Taylor struggled with the chair before he took possession and attempted to assault the victim.

The victim then grabbed a chefs knife for self defence where both fought for control of the knife.

The victim cut his finger when grabbing the blade before stabbing Taylor once in the neck.

The scuffle continued for a short time, however, realising the seriousness of the wound, Taylor and the other man left through the balcony doors, jumping off the balcony and entering a car.

The two went to the Tweed Hospital emergency department with Taylor holding a shirt around his neck leaving a trail of blood.

He'd sustained a 4cm wide and 4cm deep wound on the side of his neck which had penetrated through muscle, vein and a small artery.

He was placed into the ICU.


The next day police spoke to him, but he was uncooperative.

Police attended the victim's home where they saw vast amounts of blood on the carpet, walls and balcony, along with the chefs knife located in the sink.

The victim complained of several injuries and said he consumed a large amount of Seroquel and was taken to hospital for treatment.

A forensic examination was conducted.

Police spoke to the victim at the hospital where he explained there was an ongoing feud between him and Taylor over the girl Taylor was dating.

He said the girl stayed at his home from time to time and had a key which is how he believed Taylor got in.

The victim had sustained a broken wrist, swelling to the temple along with several abrasions to the arms, hands, back and a laceration to his finger.

The next day on April 18, Taylor was released from hospital and taken to the police station where he described an ongoing dispute between the victim and his ex-partner.

He said on the date in question he had consumed a number of illegally obtained prescription medications and did not recall what he did where he went or who he was with.

Taylor pleaded guilty to enter dwelling and commit an indictable offence, assault occasioning bodily harm in company of others on January 15 and was sentenced on March 12.

The defence told the court since the offence his client had been on strict bail conditions and had gained employment.

He said when Taylor was first taken into custody he was still recovering from the neck injury.

He told the court Taylor was apologising for his offence as well as apologising to the victim.

He asked the court to consider an intensive corrections order with conditions including community service, abstaining from drugs and following a medical plan.

Magistrate Michael Dakin said the offence was a matter of "presumably jealousy".

"Such a significant life-threatening injury will serve to remind you not only of consequences under law but before you," he said.

"Next time think about how you'd feel if two men burst through your home at 9.30 at night."

He noted Taylor had spent four months and a week in custody before being released on bail.

He convicted and sentenced Taylor to a 15 month intensive corrections order with the condition to abstain from drugs and complete 100 hours community service.

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