Forgetful man drives away without wife on honeymoon

A  MAN  has rewritten the book on "things not to do on your honeymoon" after accidentally leaving his wife at a service station for five hours.

And he won't be able to put it behind him anytime soon, as the story has been picked up across the world after it was reported on radio station FFH.

The man made his petrol station faux pas in central Germany, website The Local quoted FFH as reporting .

The 33-year-old wife, from Brandenburg in east Germany, had got out to use a petrol station toilet in the state of Hesse, when her husband drove away, believing she was asleep in the back seat of their minibus.

"My first reaction was 'is he daft'? I had no money or telephone with me," she told local radio station FFH.

It was not until  he had travelled 200km that he realised his wife was missing,  after his children became restless in the back seat, and he called the police.

The couple were reunited five hours after the incident began.

Reports suggest the understanding wife has forgiven her forgetful husband.

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