Easter chocolate guide 2009

Find out what's happening on the Sunshine Coast during Easter 2010.

WITH Easter just around the corner there's no better time to get cracking on those Easter gifts. Supermarket aisles can be a complete minefield when it comes to grabbing the right gift for the right person, littered with different brands and Easter ranges. For even the most discerning chocaholic, it can be quite confusing.

There's so much choice out there. So with that in mind, we have done some digging around to find out what's hot for Easter 2009. And when we say hot, we mean the latest and best in the world of chocolate eggs, bunnies and everything in between.

Lindt Easter 2009

YOU know you're in the business end of the chocolate aisle when you see the Lindt gold bunny, sitting there with it's iconic red ribbon and bell. But this year for Easter, Lindt has gone all out with a range of delicious and tantalising treats for both young and old.

As mentioned, the Lindt Gold Bunny is a staple Easter favourite, but this year it now comes in Gold twin bunny packs cuddling up in a glossy white Lindt bag. The package weights in at 50g and is just $9.99.

There's even a special one kilogram size, which comes in at a wopping 31cms tall, and is hand wrapped and presented in a clear carry box.

Also new from Lindt for Easter 2009 are the soft and loveable Lindt Gold Bunny plush toys and gift boxes. There's even a selection of decorated tins which come filled with mini gold bunnies and Lindor eggs.

Lindt have even come up with the perfect kids Easter gift; and Easter Eggs Hunt pack, filled with carrot shaped chocolates, gold bunnies and soft centered eggs. Great for that easter egg hunt around the house or the back yard on Easter morning.

If you want to treat yourself this Easter, why not try Lindt's Lindor Mini Egg Pouch Bags. Each bag is filled with milk, dark and white chocolate treats. At $5.99 they won't break the piggy bank.

Dark chocolate lovers will lose themselves in the Excellence Large Easter Selection box, which includes three blocks of dark chocolate in exotic flavours of Madagascar and Ecuador. Prices start at $26.99.

Around 80 million Lindt Gold Bunnies are sold around the world every year, so no matter what you chose from the Lindt range, you're sure to pick a winner.

To find out more visit the Lindt website.

Cadbury Easter 2009

Family favourite Cadbury has released a whole range of new and egg-citing Easter choccies for everyone. 

Kids of all ages will love the Charlie the Easter Chick hollow Cadbury milk chocolate casket, filled with lots of hollow chocolate eggs. Perfect for filling the kid's Easter baskets and priced at $7.99.

Humpty returns with the rest of Cadbury's much loved Easter range this year, but he looks a whole lot different thanks to a facelift and some new wrapping. On the inside he's still a delicious Cadbury chocolate egg filled with crisp candy coasted buttons. Humpty retails for $5.69.

Those with a more refined taste, Cadbury's gone all out this year with three new gift sets. The Cadbury Superfine Deluxe Milk Chocolate gift pack includes a hollow egg and dozens of individual solid eggs. The Old Gold liquer Selection casket includes a large hollow Old Gold dark chocolate egg and small eggs filled with the whole range of Cadbury liquer flavours - coffee, Irish creme, hazelnut and orange. The new Cadbury Turkish Delight casket is sure to be a hit for Easter 2009, complete with large milk chocolate eggs and Cadbury Turkish Delight eggs. Yum, yum!

For a bit of fun this Easter morning, Cadbury's come up with the Cadbury Hunt Bucket. There's nothing more magical than an Easter hunt, and the bucket allows you to do just that. It includes a range of quality Cadbury chocolates in both large and small sizes and colours ($11.98). All you have to do is spread around the Easter eggs and enjoy the fun. Why not even mix it up with Cadbury Creme, Crunchie and Mint Chip eggs.

Be a funny bunny this Easter with Cadbury's milk Chocolate Eggs bag, which come complete with plush bunny ears. Perfect for the little kids too at $8.78.

For more Easter ideas, checkout the Cadbury website.

Fun Easter Facts

  • Around 76% of people eat the Easter bunny's ears first, 5% start with the feet and 4% start with the tail, while the other 15% bite wherever they can sink their teeth.
  • Hollow eggs are the most popular purchase at Easter.
  • Daughters are most likely to be given Easter eggs.
  • Easter eggs symbolise 'rebirth'.
  • Cadbury uses more than 77 million litres of milk and 17,000 tones of cocoa each year.
  • Cadbury spends 11 months of the year making Easter eggs.

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