DUDLEY Wilson certainly doesn't look 100.

Mr Wilson entered the world in Glasgow, Scotland on March 13, 1914 - just months before the beginning of the First Word War.

A century later, he's still driving his car and could easily pass for a 70-year-old.

Almost 80 years after arriving in the Tweed, his accent is still as thick as mud - and his wit is as sharp as ever.

"I love the Tweed," Mr Wilson said.

"Chillingham always felt just like home."

Having owned and worked on a plethora of farms, Mr Wilson attributes part of his longevity to his almost unending hard work.

Until five years ago, he cleaned his owns gutters on his two-storey Terranora home.

"I just kept working hard," Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson said he had never smoked, rarely consumed alcohol and wouldn't turn his nose up to veggies.

He also grew vegetables with late wife Shirley.

"I used to grow them down on the flat," he said.

"When a flood came, we'd have to move them up to higher ground and we never lost any."

Mr Wilson has definitely seen some things in his time.

He recalled a day when he was in charge of transporting a beer keg out to the farm on a horse and wooden slide.

"We hit a rock and lost the keg into the creek," he laughed.

He said the boys nearby didn't hesitate to desert their game of cricket, keen to "lap up the beer from the creek".

Of course, Mr Wilson has witnessed many changes in the Tweed.

He said he used to own farmland in Chinderah, where many homes now stand.

"I've seen floods over the top of those houses," he said.

Of technological advances, Mr Wilson said it's definitely a positive thing, creating new opportunities.

"It's marvellous," he said.

Mr Wilson is set to celebrate his 100th birthday with his family and friends at Tumbulgum Tavern on Friday.

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