Rhiannon Rees is a business coach
Rhiannon Rees is a business coach John Gass

Extraordinary story: From living in a tent to business coach

WHEN Rhiannon Rees found her husband standing in her best lingerie and telling her he wanted to be a woman, her life changed forever.

As the business coach talked about how she'd just purchased a turn-of-the-century property past Uki, it's hard to believe four years ago she was living in a tent.

At the time, Ms Rees had lost her spa business in Whistler and shortly after, her marriage crumbled.

"I lost all the money I had, I lost everything," she said while recalling the tough times.

"I ended up in a tent going to the food bank for food and I did not care anymore, I just did not care."

But it was one little phone call that made the business woman start clawing her way back.

"When my mum got sick that's what changed it for me," she said.

"In the three years prior to that I was house-sitting and homeless.

Even though it was really hard and I cried every night, it's liberated me to do this.That's what I teach people, to liberate themselves from the baggage that they carry.

"But the second I got that call about my mum my first thought was if my mum dies, because I haven't figured a way out of this, I'll never forgive myself."

And just like that the trigger was pulled and she packed up her young son Jaiesh, 9, and moved back to Australia.

The pair lived in her mother's one bedroom housing commission unit while the trio tried to figure something out.

One day, by chance, someone told Ms Rees she would make a great business coach.

"What's a business coach?" she said.

"And then they told me it was going to cost $35,000 to do it, I was just like why should even try, I can't get that much money.

"But there was a tiny little voice inside me that said there's something in this."

After months and months of constant rejections for loans from banks, Ms Rees had just enough money to enrol and get flights to attend the course in Las Vegas.

"I think when you're really desperate you'll push up against that change and you will, if you want something different with your life," she said.

Rhiannon Rees is a life coach
Rhiannon Rees is a life coach John Gass

At the end of the course her budding business coach peers voted her the most inspirational out of the group.

"I was shocked, I was like really me? and that was the start for me," she said.

"I was inspiring people some how."

She then returned to Australia and began to focus on getting her mind set right.

"I only bought my car 18-months ago and my property 5-weeks ago," Ms Rees said.

The inspirational talker said she truly believed how you felt about yourself would equal your net worth.

"Now I feel like I could do anything," she said.

"Even though it was really hard and I cried every night, it's liberated me to do this.

"That's what I teach people, to liberate themselves from the baggage that they carry."

Last year, the experienced coach worked with the Roosters to help create elite minds on and off the field.

"They might play really hard on the field, but how are they when they're off the field?" she said.

"Because how you show up in one area is how you should up in all areas and I was just helping them becomes an elite athlete on and off the field."

The Roosters are amongst a number of high-level clientele Mr Rees has coached.

Despite the number of high-profile clients, Ms Rees still checks everyone out to make sure they're coachable before taking them on.

"They have to be willing, if they're not willing forget it," she said.

"Coaching is a really tough thing to do, you're being shown yourself over and over and only some people will do whatever it takes and I'll only take those people who say they'll do whatever it takes."

Ms Rees said she looked onwards advice from books and saying from inspirational thought leaders like the Dali Lama and Richard Branson for ideas on how to help clients smash through their fears.

"I believe I'm the business coach to people that will change the world," she said.

"Some of my clients are farmers, architects, other coaches and even a sound guy.

"I love what I do but it's not easy."

She said being a business coach was beyond enjoyable and rarely felt like an actual job.

"It only feels like a job when my client's hit a wall and they're held back by something," she said.

"Whatever your psychological hold backs are is what you'll amount to, so it's thinking how can I help my client smash that wall down."

As a coach, Ms Rees aims to help business people think outside of the box to make their business the best it can be.

"I am practising what I preach every day, I'm learning and growing everyday and we all need to learn to change our situation," she said.

One of Ms Rees' clients is a farmer and an example of how she's helping him is how the business man can radically change his mindset to grow profits and opportunities in his industry.

But with most things, there are always critics.

"I'm not always going to get things right," she said.

"But I try to be the best that I can be. What other people think of me is none of my business."

Ms Rees has turned her life around and she's striving to better herself further with a self-published Amazon best seller already under her belt and a second book on the way.

Try before you buy

  • Ms Rees said before approaching a coach you need to think about a few things
  • You need to be really clear on your goals i.e. where are you taking your business?
  • Find the right coach for you; make sure they can see how they can help you.
  • Be prepared to actually feel uncomfortable, it's all part of the growing process.

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