When will Aussie guns start firing?

WE’VE got to sort out our national rugby union problem.

Sure the Wallabies beat Cardiff mid-week, but who cares? Wales this week will be a totally different story.

I don’t understand why we’re so ordinary at the moment.

Is there animosity in the camp?

Are there a few people not impressed with coach Robbie Deans?

Are a few people a little dirty with Dingo Deans’“out with the old and in with the new” policy?

He’s supposed to be one of the best going around.

He has the cattle to work with.

He hasn’t got the results.

Why can’t he get the electric cattle prod out and get them into line?

Or is he doing the right thing and they’re just not responding?

Supporters of the man in charge will argue he’s still experimenting, but how long can he experiment for?

They’ve been saying it for a while now, but I want to win some games between now and the World Cup.

After a dismal time against New Zealand and South Africa we were meant to step it up over in Britain. There was even talk of a grand slam, but the Wallabies have failed to produce ... badly.

Wales has to be a chance on home soil this weekend.

Scotland wasn’t meant to have a chance, and look what happened.

Matt Giteau and the supposed “big guns” have to start giving us something instead of sitting back on the mega-money they earn.

It seems they played a lot better and tried a lot harder before they got the big contracts and went soft.

We’ll see how we go this weekend.

If they’re reading my column again (as we know they do) they’ll dig deep tonight.

THEY’VE given it to Michael Clarke a fair bit lately haven’t they?

Is it really a case of tall poppy syndrome?

Is it because he has the big earrings, and the sports car and good looking girl that he leaves himself wide open for this sort of flak?

Whether he deserves the over-rated tag or not is another issue though.

To his credit though, he’s come out and said he’ll take on board what people say about him.

He said he’d listen and learn, so let’s see what happens.

He’s not the first bloke to cop flak for being a pretty boy.

Look at Braith Anasta and his Miss Australias – Got him voted most overrated player in rugby league.

Anyway I just hope the West Indies give us a couple of good games while they’re here.

I THINK if Roy Jones Junior is as good as he used to be then, much as I’d like to see Danny Green win, I think he’s in trouble next week.

If Danny wins, then good on him. It will be fantastic for him and Australian boxing.

But he would never have had him in his prime.

Credit to the Australian though, at least he’s having a go, not like that Anthony Mundine.

What do you think? Do you agree with Steve? Leave a comment below to have your say.

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