Jane Prichard has lost 50kg after a life of being overweight. Photo: Nolan Verheij-Full / Tweed Daily News
Jane Prichard has lost 50kg after a life of being overweight. Photo: Nolan Verheij-Full / Tweed Daily News Nolan Verheij-full

Whopping weight loss a life-changer

AFTER being big her whole life, Jane Prichard had every excuse to fail when she set out to lose her excess weight two years ago.

The Salt resident's husband Matthew was gravely ill.

The now 32-year-old has polycystic ovarian syndrome, which made it even more challenging to drop the kilos.

She had already tried Weight Watchers, dieticians and nutritionists with no success.

But looking back, the mum of five-year-old Jett says it was her husband's serious illness that may have finally given her the resolve to change her life.

"If I continued the way I was I would be sick and someone had to be the healthy parent," she says.

In March 2013, weighing in at 123kg, she started on the HCG diet protocol recommended by her personal trainer.

"How it works is it tells your body to start eating up those fat stores that you keep and it burns that fat as energy," she says.

"I was never hungry."

By January this year she had lost 50kg and gained healthy lifestyle habits like daily exercise and eating wholefoods, which has reduced her grocery bill.

She now weighs 73kg and people she's known her whole life walk past her in the street because they don't recognise her.

She vows she will never return to her old habits.

"It's not a fad for me, it's my life," she says.

"You have to want to change and until you do, nothing will help you.

"If I can inspire one person to change and see what lies on the other side of obesity then I'll be a happy woman."

Jane Prichard has lost 50kg
Jane Prichard has lost 50kg Contributed


We're supersized and growing

THE Tweed Shire is bursting at the seams with nearly 40,000 of us fighting the flab.

More than 18,000 residents are obese and another 20,000 are overweight, according to new University of Adelaide research.

It means that 46% of us are of an unhealthy weight.

It's local men who are weighing in with the biggest problem with nearly 21,000 overweight or obese in contrast to just over 18,000 women.

The data for people aged over 18 is modelled on estimates based on the 2011-2014 ABS Australian Health Survey.

An incredible 62.8% of Aussies are overweight or obese, according to the Australian Health Survey recently released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics on which the research is modelled.

Obesity costs taxpayers $4 billion each year.

Murwillumbah nutritionist Olwen Anderson said Tweed residents were not immune to three key factors causing Aussies ballooning weight: a diet which has encouraged low fat while taking in lots of processed carbohydrates, lack of movement and increased stress levels.

She said locals would do well to emulate the diets of Tweed's founding farmers who ate hearty meals incorporating natural fats like bacon and eggs and roast meats with vegetables eaten together as a family.

"The low-fat paradigm hasn't served us well," she said.

Despite our great weather and outdoor lifestyles, she said, Tweed residents were still too sedentary.

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