Why have we failed those who can save a life?

TOO many of our kids are killing themselves.

It's a painful reality but it's one we have to face.

This is not an issue where we can bury our heads in the sand and hope it goes away. When kids are doing it tough, they turn to each other.

Not to the experts, not to their parents, not to the teachers. So how have we failed to educate those who are best positioned to save a life?

Today The Daily Mercury launches a campaign to get SafeTALK into every single one of our region's schools. Our kids are screaming out for help - and The Daily Mercury is backing them.

To those brave students who have had enough, who have seen too much hurt and lost too many friends and classmates: We hear you. We are with you. We are behind you.

And we will make your call heard. Follow the links at dailymercury.com.au - or go to our Facebook page to sign the petition. Let's get SafeTALK into our high schools.

Let's not let these kids' voices go unheard!


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