Wife of slain cop refuses 'donation' from accused killer

THE wife of the Bali police officer allegedly murdered on a beach has rejected the offer of a "donation" by the Byron Bay mother co-accused of the killing, saying she won't accept "even a cent from her".

"I want the court to give the maximum punishment that fits what she did, based on Indonesian laws," widow Ketut Arsini told Denpasar Court on Tuesday.

Ms Connor and her British boyfriend david Taylor are on both trial for the death of Wayan Sudarsa, whose body was discovered on Kuta Beach in the early hours of August 17.

The comments from Ms Arsini came after accused Sara Connor read sections of a handwritten letter out to the court, in which she offerd Ms Arsini a "donation" of 25 million rupiah (approximately $A2500), national media reported.

Ms Connor said "I feel great pain when I remember the tragedy".

"I came to Bali on this little holiday, to relax ... often I think, is it maybe destiny that wanted to change our lives so dramatically.

"I'm deeply sorry for you and your family now left alone without Mr Sudarsa to care for you and your children. You have been always in my prayers."

Ms Connor has continued to reiterate her innocence, saying all she had tried to do was separate Mr Taylor and Mr Sudarsa after the pair got into a fight over her lost purse.

Ms Arsini said her husband was working the night shift when he died and that when she heard there had been an "accident" she couldn't believe it.

"(My) son came back from the hospital and he cried ... He said his father has gone."

Prosecutors allege Mr Taylor became embroiled in a fatal fight with Mr Sudarsa after the British DJ confronted the police officer over the loss of Connor's wallet.

Mr Taylor, the court has heard, hit Mr Sudarsa numerous times, including with a beer bottle.

Before they were arrested on August 19, Ms Connor and Mr Taylor burnt their clothes and destroyed a number of Mr Sudarsa's personal belongings.

Both are facing charges of murder, fatal assault in company and assault causing death.

Mr Taylor will face court on Thursday before Ms Connor's matter is expected to return next week.

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