Amanda Quirk with her cat Megsy.
Amanda Quirk with her cat Megsy. Contributed

Witness helped smuggle Amanda's dead body out of home

A FRIEND of Amanda Quirk since primary school has described how she bashed the murder victim and then moved her dead body into a car boot.

Michelle Anne Mondientz, 35, said she touched her friend to check if she was really dead after Amanda was beaten to death on the floor of her Booval house.

Ms Quirk shared the house with Rachel Narelle Smith, 40, and Christopher James Swan, 39, who are both charged with her murder.

Mondientz, who is already serving a five-year jail sentence for her role in Ms Quirk's death, yesterday told Brisbane Supreme Court she even had a discussion with Smith over whether they should "cut Amanda up" but decided it would be "too messy".

Mondientz said she then wrapped Ms Quirk in garbage bags and helped the other two carry her body down a flight of stairs to the car.

"She was really badly bashed with bruises over her," she said.

"She had gone a purply colour."

Mondientz told the court she had a multitude of mental health problems which were exacerbated when she took speed, something she did the night Ms Quirk died at Easter 2010.

She launched an attack on Ms Quirk over telling people she had returned to prostitution and rumours she had set Smith and Swan up to be "knocked".

Mondientz told the court Ms Quirk had told violent people at a party there were drugs and guns in their house so they would attack Smith and Swan.

She explained Ms Quirk was upset about her cat and opiate replacement medication going missing.

"I started thinking my best friend was setting me up so I ended up punching her," she said. Mondientz conceded when she had psychotic episodes, she could not be certain her memories were correct. The trial continues.

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