A mum yelled at another mum at Aldi.
A mum yelled at another mum at Aldi. Will Hunter

Woman calls mum 'fat bitch' for 'wasting air' outside Aldi

A MUM who ran her car engine for its air-conditioner to keep her kids cool as she put them and groceries inside after shopping, copped a steamy blast of hot air from another woman for "wasting air".

Police prosecutor Senior Constable Tina Bland told a Bundaberg court how the mother was in the Aldi carpark at 9.25am with her car engine and air-conditioner running when Shirley Templeman walked up screaming and yelling at her.

Templeman was yelling about wasting the air-conditioning and the mother replied that her child needed it to breathe.

Templeman then leaned in toward the child in the car and screamed out her mother was "a fat indulgent bitch" who was wasting everyone's air.

Police were called to the scene by other people in the car park who witnessed the incident.

Templeman told police she was angry at the woman who had her car engine running and wasting air.

Templeman, 53, pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to committing a public nuisance on Monday, October 16.

Defence lawyer Mary Buchanan said Templeman instructs that she had been walking to the public toilet and saw the car was left running and "the exhaust stinking".

"She made a comment (to the mother) about asphyxiating the child," she said.

"Her anxiety got the better of her.

"She went to the toilet and came out and saw the car was still running so made a response again."

Magistrate Neil Lavering accepted that Templeman suffers with anxiety and fined her $600 - sent to SPER.

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