A woman has advertised her breastmilk on Craigslist.
A woman has advertised her breastmilk on Craigslist. File photo

Aussie mum trying to sell her breast milk to bodybuilders

A GOLD Coast Woman has listed her breast milk online, hoping for wide ranging clientele, including body-builders.

The 'expression of interest' listing published on Friday afternoon stated the seller from Southport had an oversupply of milk, even after donating some of the breastmilk to a milk bank.

"Just seeing if there is any interest in buying breast milk?," the seller's post on website Craigslist stated.

"I have an over-supply. And I've donated heaps.

"I know body-builders are supposed to go nuts for it because of how quickly you can bulk on it.

"Anything else you want to do with it is totally up to you.

"There are no other services offered!

"And sorry but no you can't get it direct from the source!

"The milk will be delivered (or picked up) in 250ml bags.

"I was thinking twenty bucks per bag (enough for me to buy more bags).

"And if it's of any interest, I am good looking, late 20's, big boobs (at the moment anyway).

"Again, not sure if I'm selling yet but wanted to know if there would be a market. Thanks."

Under Australian law it is illegal to buy or sell parts of the human body, including breast milk. 

Researchers found in 2015 that breast milk sold on the internet was often contaminated with water, cow's milk and high levels of bacteria. 

The study, published in British Medical Journal, found "black market" breast milk put the health of babies, and bodybuilders, at risk because it wasn't screened like the milk sold internationally or donated locally to milk banks. 

Mums in Australia often donate and receive milk through social media groups such as Human Milk 4 Human Babies, which does not support the sale of human milk. 

Official milk banks such as Mother's Milk Bank Charity in Banora Point also don't charge mothers who receive donated milk, and mothers who donate milk do so as volunteers. 

Volunteers are screened for health issues such as HIV and Hepatitis B and C. The milk is also pasteurised and screened for microbiological growth. 

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