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Woman dies in crash

FRANTIC attempts by police to resuscitate a woman proved futile, and she died at the scene of a head-on crash in Tweed Heads South yesterday.

The 64-year-old male driver of a white Ford Falcon lay beside her, trapped and injured, as police performed CPR on the dying woman, who was a passenger in the vehicle.

The front of the Falcon was de- stroyed after it and a silver Toyota Prado containing a female, 49, and male, 51, collided on Dry Dock Road about 3.15pm.

A 20-minute wait for ambu- lances saw police officers desperately performing CPR on the 63-year-old woman, who was in cardiac arrest when they arrived.

The couple in the Prado were assisted by witnesses who placed them on the ground with blankets while waiting for paramedics to arrive.

Both the man and woman appeared to be in shock as they lay under a tree while others attempted to comfort them.

Tweed Rescue squad and firefighters freed the driver of the Falcon from his car by removing its doors.

He and the middle-aged couple were taken to The Tweed Hospital where they remained in a stable condition late yesterday.

The crash caused a dramatic scene on Dry Dock Road, which was ablaze with flashing lights from multiple police, ambulance, fire and rescue vehicles and tow trucks.

Crowds of onlookers, including schoolchildren and nearby residents, watched as police desperately pumped on the woman's chest for 20 minutes as she lay in the front passenger seat.

Emergency workers held up sheets to shield the woman as they removed her from the car about an hour after the crash.

A NSW ambulance spokesman said paramedics received the call at 3.15pm but did not arrive on scene until 3.35pm.

He said the driver of the Falcon had told paramedics he was suffering from neck and chest pain.

“He was fully conscious and I believe he was trapped for a while,” the spokesman said. “He was in a serious condition and transported to The Tweed Hospital.

“Two ambulance vehicles from Queensland came to assist, with a doctor and paramedic from Careflight.”

Dry Dock Road traffic was diverted for several hours following the crash.

The circumstances that led to the collision were unclear yes- terday, and police officers from the Ballina Crash Investigation Unit were called in to inspect the scene.

It is thought the Falcon, which was travelling west, had veered into the path of the Prado.

No skid marks were evident on the roadway surrounding either vehicle.

Police have not ruled out a medical condition as a contributing factor.

One onlooker said she had not seen the crash but had arrived home in time to see the aftermath.

“I saw one man and he was just white as a ghost, but I thought he was still alive,” she said. “They were pumping on the woman's chest for ages trying to save her.”

Police are calling for any witnesses to contact Tweed Heads police on (07) 5536 0999 or Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

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