Denise and Bruce Morcombe leave Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday.
Denise and Bruce Morcombe leave Brisbane Magistrates Court yesterday. Kieran Campbell

Woman lied for pedophile lover

A MOTHER with young teenage children lied to police about where her pedophile boyfriend was on the day Daniel Morcombe was abducted.

She knew police were investigating her boyfriend, a man known as P5. She was so “blinded” by love that she lied to say her boyfriend was with her all day on Sunday, December 7, 2003.

Yesterday she told an inquest that P5 left her home at Goodna and was gone for up to five hours on the day Daniel disappeared.

She was forced to answer to her lies during the 15th day of the inquest into Daniel's suspected abduction and murder.

The Morcombe family's lawyer Peter Boyce hounded the woman in Brisbane Coroner's Court about why she lied to police.

The woman changed her story numerous times.

When she was first interviewed during the same month that Daniel disappeared, the woman said P5 had been at her house for most of the day.

In 2008 she gave a new statement to police. She said P5 claimed police were trying to accuse him of “that missing child up the Coast”, so he told his girlfriend to say he was with her on the day.

Mr Boyce said Daniel's parents wanted an end to the lies.

“My clients are the family of Daniel Morcombe … they want to know what your version is of December the 7th,” Mr Boyce said.

The woman admitted that P5 was away “for a while” on the day Daniel disappeared.

“How many children do you have? How old were they in 2003?” Mr Boyce asked. “Some not far off the age of Daniel?”

The woman said her youngest child was about 14.

She said she was scared of P5 and “blinded” by love for him.

The woman, who cannot be named because of a suppression order made in the court, met P5 in 2000 while he was in prison.

P5 was introduced to her through another man she knew in the jail and soon they were writing letters to each other.

The woman said P5 told her he was in jail for a bank robbery.

She said she did not find out until later that P5 had been behind bars for snatching a young boy from a group of his friends and sexually assaulting him.

The woman was asked why she let P5 stay at her house after she found out why he had been in jail.

“Yeah, but I kept a very close eye,” she said.

The woman said she did not know P5 to be a violent person when he started living with her on November 7, 2003, the day he was released from jail.

She said he became dominant and had an attitude that he would “rule the roost”.

He ran the woman's house and got whatever he wanted.

“What made you scared of him?” Mr Boyce said.

“There's just this way he looks at you, his look, his eyes,” she said.

“He wasn't like that towards me at first. It could have been a couple of weeks after he got out (of jail), I saw a different side of him.”

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