Condong Women's Bowling Club celebrates 60th birthday

WOMEN'S bowling associations from up and down the coast showed up in their best whites to celebrate Condong Women's Bowling Club's 60th birthday on Monday.

Club secretary Helen Fuller said 112 keen bowlers made the trip to for the birthday and annual gala.

The woman's bowling club had its first meeting in March, 1952.

"So we're a bit late," she said.

"But we're celebrating it now."

As a Condong bowls member for 25 years Mrs Fuller said she had seen people come and go but the best thing about bowls was the friendships.

"It's nice to win," she said.

"But it's much more important to enjoy yourself and make new friends."

Three of the clubs life members were at the luncheon and said they had very fond memories of their time with the bowls association.

Kitty Balgowan joined the club in 1956, one year after her husband got into the sport.

Meg Hunter became a part of the association in 1960 and said she spent most of her time in the kitchen.

"I got in trouble a lot back there," she said.

Belle Dunne joined when the club first opened in 1952 at just 19 years old.

"My father got me into bowls," she said.

"I joined and we had to wear these white tights back in those days."

Mrs Dunne said the last time she got the chance to bowl with her father was Mother's Day 1960, the year before he passed away.

"I was living in Sydney and I came back to visit my mother," she said.

"He asked if I could bowl with him.

"I said what? in my condition?

"He said what condition?

"I was out on that green and five months pregnant."

Teams from Tweed-Bryon, Ballina and the Gold Coast came to celebrate at the club house.

They shared their stories and memories of the small club that was originally just a shed.

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