Work out what to wear

WHEN we decide to start exercising we generally just slip on a pair of shoes (often ill-fitting), pull on some pants and throw on a shirt or jumper.

Now it doesn't really matter what you wear in regards to fashion, because it only matters that what you wear is comfortable and supportive for what the activity is that you are participating in.

Let's start at the ground and work up.

Don't go and grab the old shoes in the cupboard that you usually save for the gardening.

The human foot is under tremendous stress in supporting our body weight during our daily activities.

Selecting the appropriate shoe for exercise can go a long way in preventing foot injury.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when selecting new exercise shoes to prevent possible foot injury:

Do the shoes have good arch support?

Are the soles flexible and bendable?

Are they lightweight, with good ventilation?

Do they fit comfortably with enough, but not too much, room?

Do the shoes have an elevated and cushioned heel to absorb shock?

Do they have laces or Velcro for a proper snug fit?

There are different styles of exercise shoes for different types of exercise.

Running shoes, for example, have additional cushioning to better absorb shock, but their sole is not designed for activities that involve quick turning and pivoting, such as tennis.

Pants need to be something that are comfortable and non-restrictive.

You don't want to be hiking up your trousers or flicking your dress out of the way if you're walking up an incline or swinging that racquet.

Tops also don't want to be restrictive for the same reasons.

The type of fabric should also be considered so your body can breathe.

Some fabric may also cause chaffing or actually prevent heat from escaping and cause overheating.

If you are cold, try wearing layers that you can remove easily or unzip.

It will make the activity that you are doing much more comfortable and in some cases more bearable.

It's important to consider the type of activity you are doing, and then you can decide on the clothing that you wear. Table tennis would be different to dancing, which would be different to hiking.

Once you have decided on what you need to wear, the most important thing to consider is that it doesn't need to be the latest fashion item or greatest sportswear, you just need to be comfortable.


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