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Jackson's death breaks hearts

MONIQUE Lampard and her mother cried as they watched morning television yesterday.

They had just heard Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, had died at the age of 50.

“It said breaking news: Michael Jackson has died. Me and my mum were actually crying about it,” Miss Lampard said yesterday.

The Tweed Heads PCYC dance teacher can remember watching Jackson on the television as a six-year-old and said the best thing about his music was that it “just makes me want to groove”.

“I think he has influenced a lot of young people and brought the style of popping into everyone's life,” she said.

According to Miss Lampard, along with his trademark “moonwalk” Jackson also invented “popping”, the strange and almost robotic form of hip-hop dancing.

“He created his own style of dance.”

It brings a double meaning to the title King of Pop.

The PCYC pumped with Jackson tunes all day yesterday in tribute to the man who shot to fame as a 10-year-old and had remained in the limelight since.

While he suffered a widely publicised downfall in recent years, including allegations of paedophilia, the fact remains he inspired countless people and left an indelible mark on popular music.

For people like Gold Coaster Damien Shields, one of two Australian representatives for the global fan club Maximum Jackson, yesterday was a “crushing” day.

The 21-year-old lost his lifelong dream of seeing his idol perform in concert.

“I managed to get tickets to seven of his London shows and booked flights to be there for a month,” Mr Shields said.

“It has been my dream to experience the magic of the world's top performer.”

Mr Shields spent nearly $8000 on the trip

“The money means nothing; I don't care at all for it.

“The fact that someone we love so much has been taken from us is all that we care about.”

Mr Shields said every element of Jackson's 40-year career was attractive to him.

“Even the things he didn't get enough credit for.

“While he's the world's biggest-selling artist of all time, most diverse dancer to grace the stage, he was extremely charitable. He gave almost $300 million to charity.

“So not only is he the greatest entertainer of all time, but one of the most generous, amazing, charitable, humble human beings to ever live.”

Mr Shields is now waiting to learn the location of Jackson's funeral, which he plans to attend.


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