Would you want to open a "healthy" gift this Christmas?

WOULD you want an apple corer for Christmas? 

How about a flavoured vinegar?

In light of Australia's obesity epidemic, which is particularly pronounced in regional Queensland and New South Wales, dieticians have compiled a helpful list for healthy pressies this year.

Katie Thomsitt, speaking on behalf of Dieticians Association of Australia suggests you "spoil those around you with a health-inspired gift" so they start the new year happy and healthy.

A healthy cooking class might be a great gift, but would you be excited to open a hamper featuring "dried pasta, wild rice and exotic legumes"?

What about a set of smaller plates, which is "ideal for better portion control"?

The full list is below.


Top gift ideas from the Dietitians Association of Australia:

A healthy hamper of:

  • Seasonal fruits like mango, apricots, berries and cherries
  • Mixed nuts and dried fruits, like dates and apricots
  • Gourmet pantry staples, like dried pasta, wild rice and exotic legumes
  • Condiments like chutneys, relishes, tapenades, dried herbs and spices
  • Scented and herbal teas in pretty cloth bags
  • Pots of herbs, or even a mushroom farm!


  • Planters with seeds for summer garden favourites, like strawberries or tomatoes 
  • Flavoured vinegars and healthy oils 
  • Healthy cooking classes
  • Decorative jars filled with unsalted raw or roasted nuts
  • Kitchen gadgets such as a steamer, non-stick pan, apple corer, grill - or even a set of smaller plates (ideal for better portion control!).

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