Bianca Wood, Jay Lorder and Harley Hughes on the rubbish pile in Harrier Street.
Bianca Wood, Jay Lorder and Harley Hughes on the rubbish pile in Harrier Street. Tweed Daily News

Wow, Tweed is trashy

IF the Tweed doesn't clean up its act the annual rubbish pick-up could be trashed, according to the Tweed Shire Council.

Last year's illegal dumping debacle left some Tweed streets looking like garbage tips, and the problem has reared its ugly head once again.

Harrier Street in Tweed Heads South has become an eyesore over the past 10 days as the footpath outside a gated community was progressively covered in trash.

And it is destined to stay there until at least Monday, the scheduled pick-up date for the area.

Yesterday the dumping continued when a man pulled up in a ute and added a tray full of green waste to the pile.

A group school students were jumping on mattresses and scavenging toys yesterday.

“Some of it is cool and fun,” one schoolgirl said, adding the pile had been there for two weeks.

Many residents of the community regarded the scene as an eyesore.

“It is pretty bad,” one man who didn't want to be identified said. But he pointed out there were 137 properties within the estate, and the footpath was the only place to put rubbish.

With one cubic metre of trash allowed per property, up to 137 cubic-metres of garbage would technically be allowed to be dumped on the street by residents ... if they stuck to just one metre.

“It doesn't look good does it,” an- other man said. “But the problem is, where else can you put it all?

“We need a better idea as to when Council will pick it up so we can put it out on a particular day.”

Tweed Shire Council's waste management co-ordinator Adam Faulkner confirmed that Council was beginning to see some of the illegal dump sites reoccurring.

“The collection in November last year was delayed considerably by large illegal dump sites in various locations across the shire,” Mr Faulkner said. “And it's not just the rural ones this time.

“The units at Harrier Street Tweed Heads South are again being used as a dump site, for not only household items but domestic waste also.”

Last year's rubbish pick-up budget was blown after illegal dumping extended the process by days.

A Council spokeswoman said if the problem continues to escalate, the future of the program would be examined.

“If the illegal dumping goes on and on and on, something Council will have to look at is the household clean-up campaign's economic viability,” she said.

She said part of the problem in Harrier Street was that residents put their rubbish out too early.

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