David Marks creates his magic.
David Marks creates his magic.

You call that a wand?

YOU don't need to wander down Diagon Alley looking for a world of magic - it's right here in Uki.

Just like Mr Ollivander, the great wand maker from the Harry Potter series, Uki's David Marks is guided by the spirit of the wands he creates.

And he says magic, like in the upcoming film Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is all around us and happening all the time.

John Hurt, the actor who plays Mr Ollivander has been filming Lou in Murwillumbah, and if he wanted to do any character research, Mr Marks is just a few kilometres away.

Mr Marks told the Tweed Daily News yesterday: “When I am working on a wand I feel the energy and consciousness of the wand and I work with that energy to create the wand as a physical entity,” Mr Marks said.

“My experience with wands is that they are a conduit for focusing energy, so while the wand itself has a particular energy, the interface between the wand and the user is also important ... the wand can be a teacher, as well as a tool. But it is more than just a tool, it has a spirit of its own.

“I will be working with one of the wands for a while and I will get a message to add to it, or take something from it. When that happens I know I will be going through a state of change in the emotional and physical plane as well.”

But beware, never create a wand with evil intentions.

“From my perspective, the person using the wand needs to be coming from an appropriate place and using it for appropriate reasons

“The intent when you are making a wand is of the utmost importance. If you are not making a wand using pure forces for the good of all, that energy will come back at you.

“Looking in to a spiritual path is understanding ego and being able to release yourself from reactions coming from a spectre of that ego.”

Mr Marks said some people are lucky enough to visualise the powers of their wands.

“On a physical level, we are tuned into the three-dimensional world; we focus on what we label as physical. For those people who can see and feel energy at a higher level, that can be perceived as laser beams or movement of energy. The magic as such is happening all around us, it is a matter of tuning into it, rather than trying to make it happen.”

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