YOUR SAY: Australian Open water from China ‘outrageous’

Buy Aussie first

I UNDERSTAND our country is experiencing a drought, but I didn't realise it was that severe that Tennis Australia had to import bottled water from China for the Australian Open, and charge those fans who wanted to quench their thirst $4.50.

How they can justify importing this product from China and charge such an inflated price is beyond me.

Come on Tennis Australia, look after Australian suppliers.

Rob Richards, Walkerston

Mozzie massacres

EVERY time that you swat a mozzie or Mortein a fly, there is a small sense of victory.

One less to disturb your perfect day. I have to admit that I have sinned in this way.

But my attitude had to be readjusted after listening to a couple of bugologists on Radio National a few days removed.

These learned souls made my lack of empathy for Bugdom look like folly.

Apparently we owe an enormous debt to our bugs and if they continue in the landslide decline which is now being recognised then we will suffer a similar fate.

The uncomfortable reality is that a nip here and there right through to death for some citizens is a price we pay for an enormous service that largely goes unrecognised.

And why are these untold trillions of these man, beast and planet helpers fading out of existence.

Three main reasons: habitat loss, insecticide use and global heating.

So say the specialists in these fields.

All the beautiful moths, butterflies, spiders etc disappearing fast and look as I might for redemption, nothing helped me find a culprit that didn't have two legs and clothes.

Global revegetation by all citizens, or at least no more clearing of bush, would attack habitat loss.

Less of the Mortein solution would cover insecticide abuse. And finally, no new thermal coal would help with global heating.

So old mates, shut the screen door, plant that tree and get a panel on the roof.

It just might be our redemption.

Len Thompson, Walkerston

Olympics bid

I HAVE been overwhelmed by the public's support of my opposition to the planned bid to host the 2032 Olympics by Queensland Labor, the Australian Government and the Queensland LNP.

My sole reasons for this opposition is that Queensland has a debt in excess of $90 billion dollars and hosting a blue ribbon event like the Olympics will only risk pushing that debt even higher.

The higher our debt, the more we will struggle to pay for essential items like public health services, education, better water infrastructure, better roads, job creation and the like.

There's no argument that the Olympics is a wonderful spectacle.

It is incredibly entertaining to watch the world's elite athletes in so many events competing to win a gold medal and for the honour to be declared the best in the world.

But to host such an event doesn't come cheaply.

A study by the University of Oxford showed that hosting the Summer Olympics costs on average $12.5b (in Australian dollars). History shows that hosting the Summer Olympics has resulted in an average budget blowout for host cities of 176 per cent.

There are host cities that have been paying off Games infrastructure for years after the event after that infrastructure has gone to rack and ruin.

It is easy to get caught up in the spectacle and excitement of hosting the Olympics. It would look great on the resume of any political leader to say, 'I hosted the Olympics', but ego and self-puffery must be put to the side for one moment while we analyse the cost, both in upfront dollars and the ongoing debts into the future.

I think Annastacia Palaszczuk, Scott Morrison and Deb Frecklington have proved they have lost touch with the average Queenslander by blindly chasing what is an expensive, unnecessary and risky financial gamble like the Olympics.

Every family needs to prioritise its budget to make sure it has money for the essential household bills, before considering any lavish luxury spending. The Queensland and Australian governments need to take the same attitude with the Olympics to avoid risking shortfalls in more-pressing areas of need.

I hope that Queensland voters won't be mesmerised by the pending excitement of the Olympics, while ignoring the ongoing cost to taxpayers into the future.

My view is not about being a spoilsport, it's about doing what is right for Queenslanders. A better future for Queensland should be a higher priority than the risky two-week "sugar hit" that may come from the Olympic Games.

Pauline Hanson, Senator for Queensland and Leader of One Nation

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