Brumbies on Fraser Island.
Brumbies on Fraser Island.

YOUR SAY: Readers want brumbies to be left on Fraser Island

READERS have responded to a fresh sighting of a brumby on Fraser Island.

Ann Cameron: Leave them alone. Why do our leaders wish to destroy everything? This place is their home long before we took it over!!

Paul Hennessy: Leave them there.

Judy Sokol: That's great news the dingoes may have something to eat now.

Ricky Vincent Rowland: That's great now leave them there and hopefully will lead to a food source for the dingos! So many people wanting to fix something that wasn't broken in the first place.

Toni West: Some tourists should perhaps be renamed as 'feral' given how some choose to treat K'gari and the animals that live there with such disrespect.

Jan Guthrey: Fantastic love those brumbies! Please leave them there! They are more native to the island than the tourists!

Talia Tebby: When the government calls these beautiful wild horses "feral" but the only feral thing around is their attitude towards such a beautiful creature of nature.

Leave the poor things alone in their natural habitat.

Every kid loves seeing horses out in the wild, why get rid of something so beautiful that people of every age enjoy seeing?

Just because wild horses don't bring the government money it doesn't mean they should be gotten rid of, the best things in life are free.

Robyn Ridgewell Matthews: Leave them alone. It's a natural food source for the dingoes, so you can leave them alone too. Let nature be.

Elisha Nielsen: Awesome where there is a will there is a way nature will take its course.

Caitlin Martin: They're clearly not hurting anyone. Leave them be! Food source for the dingoes.

Christine Edwards: We have known for a couple of years that there was a couple of brumbies around Orchid Beach.

Lorraine Green: Good news ... hope they are left alone.

Julie Bellert: That is great, please leave them there!

Jeannette Taylor: Good, leave them there.

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