Newspapers in Education 2010

Welcome back to a new year of Newspaper in Education (NiE).

2010 promises to be yet another exciting and intellectually challenging year with major sporting events, global health concern, technological advance and environmental issues on the agenda.

Join Jack and Phoebe in using your local newspaper to find out what's happening in the world around us as we provide you with information, analysis and opinion about current affairs and curriculum-linked soubjects.

Remember the newspaper delivers information that is relevant and up to date and the weekly NiE page covers some interesting topics.

We promise a year of thought-provoking subjects and activities for all our readers to sink their teeth into when they use their local newspaper.

What is NiE?

Newspapers in Education (NiE) consists of educational pages published weekly through-out the school year in APN's 14 daily papers from Coffs Harbour to Mackay.

The pages target middle school, years 4-9, and are a platform that launches children into research and encourages curiosity and investigation.

NiE hopes to initiate discussion on important current affairs and curriculum linked topics that challenge students of every level.

Newspapers in Education is about expanding awareness through reading the local newspaper. It is a partnership between the local newspaper, local buinesses and local schools that offers our youth the opportunity to create a better tomorrow, by challenging their thoughts and opinions today, extending their literacy capabilities and providing them with life skills.

The content of the NiE pages is designed to encourage students and readers to investigate and research additional information through multi-media channels.

The program also supplies resources for in classroom activities that support NiE pages.

This year you'll be able to access supporting resources and past pages with just the click of the mouse. Stay tuned to for more information.

Term One Topics

February 1: What's in the newspaper? Become familiar with the contents of a newspaper

February 8: What's news? Current affairs

February 15 and 22: Winter Wonderland - Winter Olympics Feb 12-28. Join us on the snow covered slopes in Vancouver, Canada as we check out the games.

March 1: Clean it up! Clean up Australia - 7 March Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

March 8: Amazing Art - Take a look at Aboriginal art forms

March 15 and 22: Sugar - Looks at the sugar industry in Australia. What sugar is used for, the history and the process to make sugar.

March 29: What a Joke! April Fools Day


Ask the writer...

Do you have any questions of suggestions about any of the NiE topics?

You can write to or email the NiE writer at the following addresses:

PO Box 8206, Maroochydore DC Qld, 4558, or email