Note: This poll ended on 29th December 2012.

Which Splendour style is your favourite?

Sass & Bide girls, Courtney O'Brien (left) and Pip Edwards rocking the label, both from Sydney.


Lucy Smith from Brisbane.


Elly Anderson (left) and Jay Bransgrove, from Gold Coast.


Megan Cushion (left) and Jessica Chisea, from Brisbane.


Clare Sweetnam from Byron Bay wearing Byron Bay based designer, Amilita.


Chani Ridley from Brisbane wearing Tree of Life.


Nikki Campbel (left) and Jordana Sexton, both from Sydney and both wearing Bec and Bridge.


Sydney based designer, Edwina Robinson wearing her own label, AJE pictured with her partner, Adrian Norris.


On duty stylist and photographer from VOGUE, Liam McKessar.


Michelle Knight from Melbourne.


Emma Baird (left) from Byron Bay and Hope Weller from Brisbane.


Andy Liddell and Laura Bolard, both from Melbourne.


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