September 2017

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IT WAS an action 50 years in the making.

Sun shines on rainbow flag over council chambers

"Cripes - how can SSM "yes" fail now with all this support?"

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THE pushback against the proposed $90 million Lismore Shopping Square expansion could send bad message to future investors, say industry leaders.

Business leaders slam council over rejection of Square plans

"Typical of our present Lismore City Council. No surprises here...."

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WHY I'm rejoicing about the death of my unreliable mower.

Hallelujah, Mr Jinx has gone to his grave

"Every mower-make has it's "lemons". Often the more you pay - the less you get. Electric mowers have..."

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WE need to start trusting people we don't know with our kids

Our kids are paying the price of 'stranger danger'

"Agreed - the journo who invented the phrase "stranger danger" has done our community a grave..."

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It’s little wonder about 3000 childcare workers are going on strike today. There are a few sectors in the workforce that are so underpaid – for what they do.

Why 3000 childcare workers are walking off the job today

" Mark - as a dual income family you are part of the problem. Your partner doesn't have to work, but..."

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IT LOOKS like a normal receipt for a Subway sandwich and juice, but if you look closely you might be able to spot a daring secret message.

Subway sends hidden message to customers

"Pressure for a "Yes" vote from do-gooders, media and the Left is insidious and all-persuading. No..."

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AN AUSTRALIAN schoolboy who decided to transition into a female has changed his mind two years later.

12-year-old boy transitions to female then changes mind

"We can expect more stories like this as the "gender identity" craze increases and gets even more..."

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Despite the endless messages about how bad single-use bags are, our lazy approach to shopping continues

Why are we still a bunch of plastic tragics?

"Anti-plastic-bag zealots refuse to admit that these useful items can be recycled, keep our food safe..."

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LABRADOR Lola has been left with 30 puncture wounds in her head after what her Lockyer Valley owners describe as a "sickening" attack.

Labrador left bloodied after gunshot attack

"Straying dogs are frequently an issue with many adjoining landowners, especially in peri-rural areas."

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