January 2018

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I DON'T think I'd be speaking for myself if I said finding out the majority of Australians don't know why Australia Day is held on January 26 was a shock.

SOAP BOX: Australia Day poll shocking

"Why not Muggins! This Aussie holiday ignorance is due to poor education in schools, parenting pressures..."

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All communities have unsung heroes - people who give a lot and ask little in return. For 16 years Dalveen has had Neville Peirpoint - but no more.

Community mower man axed by council

"That's the trouble with volunteering these days. Insurance problems wrecks community spirit."

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Those behind the war on meat campaign were members of vegan and animal rights group Anonymous for the Voiceless.

Vegans ‘vandalising’ meat with disturbing stickers

"The "vegan vandals" are getting more creative - but they seem to be winning."

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MAKING the decision to sell this historic house was a difficult one.

One of Lismore's oldest homes is up for sale

"Another aspect to this real estate story that was not mentioned in the article is that our oldest..."

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Love them or hate them, cats do not deserve to be subjected to this form of cruelty, and most at some stage were someone's pet.

Loathing towards cats needs to be changed

"I couldn't agree more @snowdogrex, but unfortunately in town that option is not legally viable. I have..."

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"BY NOT getting their act together to hold these meetings, councillors are holding the community in contempt.”

Lismore Council, stop wasting our time: OPINION

"I loved the blank/gap left in their message ["-TY"! ] The usual anti-everything crowd gossipping..."

December 2017

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WHAT did Australians do in the face of President Trump’s bullying tactics over UN vote criticising the pre-emptive move to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem?

"We couldn’t even vote with the courage of our convictions"

"Always remember - 'He who pays the piper calls the tune'. The UN abstaining decision by Aus was..."

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Christians and Muslims in Lismore seek peace for all mankind during festive season

Islam and Christianity: more the same than different

"Charitable/nice thoughts for this time of the year - but unfortunately just more wishful- thinking from..."

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SEVERAL news agencies are reporting a new Trump Administration ban on using a list of words and phrases by its agencies.

Trump Administration bans list of words

"Agree Dazzat - there is a definite joy and enthusiasm for portraying Trump as a fool and spreading..."

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MORE than one-third of the Kyogle Council area is non-rateable, but it looks set to join the fight to make Forestry pay rates to fund bridge and road repairs.

Should the Forestry Corporation pay council rates?

"Leave the Forestry in designated State Forest alone, go after the private "investors" that have ruined..."

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