May 2017

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Mr Barnes said the 10 minutes that police took to storm the cafe following the mass escape of hostages was "too long."

Siege inquest: Police took too long to act after shooting

"Yes Daz, this "product' is a disease of affluence & do-gooders. At the time I wondered why the police..."

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THERE'S no slowing down for Petula Clark after more than seven decades in the spotlight.

Petula Clark delighted to sing live for Australian fans

"What a great career to 84! Truly an amazing performer in every way."

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A DISBELIEVING federal minister has launched a probe into why taxpayers have forked out thousands of dollars for a Central Coast UFO group.

Minister calls urgent review into UFO group funding mystery

"Only a small grant - Why not? A UFO society is just as valid as a group for the preservation of extinct..."

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According to new research from Open Table, 80% of Australians feel confused about whether or not they should leave a tip.

Tipping in Australia: To leave or not leave a tip?

"When do I leave a tip for meals? Well for example last Mother's Day I gave $5.50 for an $80 meal for..."

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"I just want something that I can show the grandchildren, something they can have after I pass that they can always remember me by.”

Radford ratified as pride returns for shooter

"Congratulations John! - from all your friends, fellow shooters and admirers in the Northern Rivers!"

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I HATE to say it, but it seems Pauline Hanson was right all along.

Hate to say it, but Pauline Hanson was right all along

"Yes terry01, we have been taken for complete suckers for years now and we are continuing to be SE..."

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FISHWAY to give unimpeded access to more than 300km of waterway.

Super highway for native fish

"Our fishing licence fees and taxes at work. Great work everyone involved !"

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PROPERTY tycoon Tim Gurner hit back at the response to his controversial 60 Minutes comments, saying his first investment was the darkest period of his life.

Property tycoon hits back at critics after coffee comments

"Sounds like he's right on the money to me !"

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SES aims for community engagement at a series of post flood forums to learn from experiences

Time now to learn lessons of the flood

"Perhaps a simple "sorry" might be appropriate."

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Long may the Queen live, but for the sake of all of us don't wait for her to die to do anything to start the transition to a Republic.

Time for an Australian Republic

"Tonyh ; "The biggest problem with a Australia becoming a republic is that it would be set up by our..."

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