February 2017

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Far-north Queensland MP Bob Katter says solution to crocs is a "swift, fast bullet"

MP calls for croc shooting safaris

""Labelling the plan "ridiculous", Queensland Environment Minister Steven Miles said he would "rather be..."

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WOULD you ever carry your baby and a semi-automatic gun to the shops?

REVIEW: Under the Gun doco looks at right to bear arms

"Ah! diddums - poor Javier. Trying to portray Australia to be similar to some States in the USA is a..."

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ONE person proposed the Illawarra flame tree, we suggested the cedar or perhaps the unique recycled trees. What do you suggest?

Have your say on Lismore's signature tree

"Please no more tree plantings! We have enough trouble already with blocked drains, lack of aspect..."

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DISTURBING images reveal sickening side story of animal cruelty during fatal heatwave.

SWIPED OUT: Sinister twist to flying fox deaths

"Hee-Haw! Isn't 'Mother Nature' wonderful in culling a species that since netting of fruit-crops has..."

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Changing trends in travel attire take travellers of a certain generation by surprise

Long and shorts of new fashion

"I'm surprised no woman's "advocacy group" has objected to this bit of airport voyeurism!"

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Making sure the money spent it worth it

Commitments drive budgets

"A good start would be for Lismore residents to maintain their street verges and drains in neat/good..."

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IMMIGRANTS to Australia should be subjected to an “extreme vetting” test before they become citizens or receive welfare, says Senator David Leyonhjelm.

Want welfare? Can you pass the Senator's test?

"Cheap shot! Give Prez Trump a chance - after all he is there via your beloved democracy GuruM !"

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WICKED Campers will have to change its ways with new laws banning inappropriate slogans introduced in Queensland Parliament last night, February 14.

Wicked law: clean up or lose rego

"Many of these 'Wicked' drivers do not know or care about the Aussie road-rules either - most are on..."

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Muslim activist Yassmin Abdel-Magied confronted Jacqui Lambie over her support of Donald Trump on Q&A

Talking about Sharia Law? This is what you should know

"It is all well and good to have different religions/multiculture. But it is the silence of some..."

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ONE of the world’s most deadly gangs has infiltrated Australia — part of a sick plot to become the most murderous group on the planet.

World's deadliest gang starts infiltrating Australia

"Nice of them to identify themselves so clearly. Police please take note...."

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