September 2013

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THE toothache caused by fluoride in Ballina, Lismore and Byron may be spreading to the Tweed.

Fluoride toothache spreads to the Tweed

"Congratulations to the politicians who have allowed themselves to be deluded by internet-based American..."

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TRIUMPHANT local MP Justine Elliot has called on the National Party to honour its election commitment of $3.3 million to resurface Kennedy Drive.

Justine Elliot comes out swinging after Labor defeat

"A minority also voted for the Nationals. Don't forget that at the 2010 election the combined vote..."

August 2013

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JUST how conservative is Queensland?

Labor struggles for a message in most conservative state

"Makes you wonder why Queensland isn't a completely separate country if they are that different from..."

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SITTING Labor candidates Janelle Saffin and Justine Elliot are odds on to retain their seats at the next election.

Betting on the seats of Richmond and Page

"Maybe it is because, regardless of political view, Saffin is an experienced politician who is not..."

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IPSWICH Muslims have defended their faith in the wake of Rise Up Australia Party candidate Anthony Mackin's calls to eradicate mosques and ban the burka.

Ipswich candidate in call to "eradicate mosques"

"Abolish multiculturalism while retaining and celebrating our multi-ethnicity? Protect us from the..."

July 2013

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JUSTIN Bieber has been branded "disgusting" after spitting on devoted fans waiting outside a hotel in Canada, much to the amusement of his friends.

Justin Bieber slammed for spitting on fans

"Better hope not......he would be lauded for ever more as a tragically lost talent.....better he becomes..."

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GREENS leader Christine Milne is not very happy with the Prime Minister.

We're Green, and we're not going to take it any more

"Greens can be as angry as they like. If they back the Coalition they will be ruined, so they have no..."

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STRAP yourself in for the State of Origin election, but it is hardly mate against mate.

Leaders face off in State of Origin election

"Hard to adjust the the idea that Labor might win. Fantastic that it is now a genuine contest after..."

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THE words our politicians use can often seem baffling to the poor voters who need to choose between them at elections.

Guide to the lingo: what our pollies are really saying

""I invite the honourable member to put up or shut up". Definition: Every time you talk about this I..."

June 2013

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RECENT publicity regarding punching in rugby league highlighted by Paul Gallen in the Origin match has cast a shadow over all levels of rugby league.

Punching of players has no place in junior rugby league

"Collingwood has had a bit of an up and down AFL season so far this year.....only averaging 57,661 per..."

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