May 2017

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Council debate heated up over the lack of police recruits in the Tweed.

Council accused of playing up with party politics

"This council is a disgrace it is run by labor politics they pay for green support and have made a..."

February 2017

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20 Tweed schools need $5.78m in repairs.

Provest defends $5.78m backlog in school maintenance

"Why is it that the Labor party complains about the problem they caused!! then Blame Libs /Nat? If the..."

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January 2017

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PROSPECTIVE home owners are jumping at the chance to get into the Tweed property market, with agents struggling to meet demand.

Casuarina tops Tweed house market at $870,000

"you are right started by your Labor mates this is why we are up the creek without a paddle but in tweed..."

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Illegal campers are attracting the ire of Tweed residents fed up with freeloaders in carparks.

Campers live large on Tweed

"embrace the campers set up water and waste dumping areas as well as parking areas. instead of closing..."

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Resident's aren't happy with how the border portrays the Tweed.

Residents disgraced by border

"Only everybody going to and from the airport uses it typical Labor supporter no idea at all that's why..."

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THE Police Association continues to hold grave fears Tweed officers are being overworked and wants NSW Police to tell it how staff are allocated.

Police union airs staffing concerns for Tweed

"There must be a election in the wind the union bluggers are after free publicity next will come the..."

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A WELL-KNOWN Murwillumbah identity is unhappy his 50-year clean driving history is now tarnished because of what he says are a couple of honest mistakes.

Phil Taylor's clean record gone for 'honest mistakes'

"I know Phil is a pain in the bum sometimes but I am on his side the law is a ass in these cases the..."

December 2016

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A NEW Tweed voice is set to reverberate around the halls of power in Sydney, with the appointment of Fingal Head's Dawn Walker to the NSW Upper House.

New voice for the Tweed in Sydney

"Well Said professor regards Markd"

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