September 2017

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DRIVEN by the power price pain felt by Gladstone's big business, Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd wants his Government to tackle the energy crisis now.

O'Dowd gains momentum on pro-coal policy to tackle power dramas

"O'dudd had no idea 12 months ago, and has even less of an idea now.. To quote his stupidity in his..."

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POLICE are investigating after Tony Abbott alleged that he was headbutted in the face by a tattooed pro-gay-marriage campaigner in Hobart.

Police probe headbutting of Abbott by 'Yes' campaigner

"So someone tried "shirt-fronting" Tony Abbott, and nearly got away with it!!!"

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THE lights will be out by January, Deputy Prime Minister Barnaby Joyce has warned, unless coal fired generators keep their power stations operating.

'Lights out by January': Joyce warns of power blackouts

"The AEMO projections show Queensland's Energy equation during Jan 2018 stands as follows; - Qld has..."

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'Announcement is close': Carmichael Mine 1000 worker fly-in fly-out hub update

Adani's fifo hub: how it will decide between Rocky and Townsville

".... and the winner is...... SYDNEY....."

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INDEPENDENT MP Bob Katter has formed an unlikely alliance with the Greens in an attempt to instigate a commission of inquiry into the coal seam gas industry

Katter bill puts CSG industry in spotlight

".... the simpliest solution for all parties involved would be to quit CSG/LNG and convert to Hydrogen..."

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All parties want abattoir to work but still no movement

$30m CQ meatworks plan stalls, with 70 jobs in limbo

"Considering that across the road from the Moranbah airport was a small meat-works that was still..."

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AS CRIES from the north to create their own state due to an unfair share of funds hit one economist's ears, he decided to find out if it was warranted.

'North Queensland has its fair share of funds' economist says

"I bet if one was to discount all the publicly funded infrastructure demanded by the coal mining and LNG..."

August 2017

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Home left empty as construction starts at nearby Byerwen Mine

Workers' camp being built alongside dying town

"Well how much has Mackay cost to keep upgradong and secondly recover from natural disasters since it..."

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Plans to expand town's shopping options as nearby mines look at expansion

For sale: CQ shopping centre to benefit from mine expansion

"Dysart at census last year reported a resident population of just 3,000 people (but stable), whilst it..."

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Mackay Regional Council could go into the energy business

Solar farm could help council to reduce costs

"Big hint to the Mackay Mayor, if you go down this road you have more than enough local firms that could..."

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