May 2017

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QUEENSLAND won’t see a cent of Commonwealth money towards its Cross River Rail project until at least 2019, in a snub that will infuriate the State Government.

Budget 2017: What's in it for Queensland?

"It Cleary shows the difference between a dumb and a progressive Nation. What those idiots doing is just..."

April 2017

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IF A North Korea war does become a reality, one unmanageable $3 trillion consequence that hasn’t been widely acknowledged threatens to wreak havoc on the world.

The $3 trillion consequence of a war with North Korea

"It's a lot of Rubbish. Ask yourself who is attacking who..?? You got it, it's America...!!! What's..."

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BUNDABERG will host a large delegation of business people from Sister City Nanning on June 26-27 with a prime focus on agriculture, tourism and education.

Bundy to host Nanning business envoys

"More silly games that they can't let go. It's just kids play in the big Bundaberg Regional..."

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THE search for businesses to star in a culinary mural is on.

New mural for the Brewhouse

"It is a "Hollow Head Idea"... All attached to the Bargara Brewing Company. Looks like the Wall is too..."

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MEMBER for Hinkler Keith Pitt charges taxpayers $273 a night to stay in a house owned by his family trust when he is in Canberra for parliament.

We've given Keith Pitt $8463 to stay in his own home

"Well, that's the way how to bludgeon the system. And you wonder why the deficit is growing.... How..."

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ABOUT a million Australian children are harmed as a result of their carer’s drinking, a report on the nation’s relationship with alcohol shows.

Million Aussie kids harmed by carer's drinking

"' NO, you can't discipline your kids'. Kids have right blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, Aussie government..."

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IT'S an unenviable title, but Bundaberg can lay claim to being the dole capital of Australia.

Welcome to Bundaberg, Australia's dole capital

"It's sickening, all that we got here in this region is motor-mouthed politicians in their highly paid..."

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TWO regional Queensland cities have more people on the dole than any other area in Australia, but a federal MP says some people are snubbing the work on offer.

Queensland has two of worst dole hotspots in nation

"The problem is that those unemployed who wanting to be by choice on the dole moving to Bundaberg or..."

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One Bundaberg toddler is taking it all in her stride as she adjusts to life after losing her left hand in a backyard lawn mowing accident.

Lexi home and adjusting to the new challenges

"As educated Parents, You don't want Children around you when lawn mowing. When are your insane people..."

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POLICE have found a 16-year-old girl from Avenell Heights.

UPDATE: Avenell Heights teen found

"NO, you can't discipline your kids'. Kids have right blah, blah, blah, blah. Well, suck it up. You..."

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