December 2015

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A bloc of local shareholders are agitating for a 'no-vote' against the NSW Government's $25 millon offer ahead of the final vote on December 16

Angry Metgasco shareholders preparing for revolt

"Oh Mr Vaughan. If anything the NSW government is behaving in a way that the third world would be very..."

November 2015

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A NORTH Coast dairy farmer who stood to benefit from a Northern Rivers coal-seam gas industry has slammed the NSW Government.

'The Northern Rivers has lost out big time' Peter Graham

"Mr Graham doesn't even seem to realise he's the one with the vested interest! No wonder the gas..."

October 2015

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NORTHERN Rivers gas explorer Metgasco’s annual report has revealed the company is still the worse for wear.

Metgasco records a $3.8 million loss

"Metgasco, 'in good faith'? What a joke. If they had operated in good faith they would have been sure..."

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A QUEENSLAND cotton farmer whose water bores ran dry after the CSG industry came to his area has taken his own life.

CSG industry blamed for death of cotton farmer

"His poor family. This is a terrible thing for them, for everyone really. The CSG company should be..."

September 2015

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MEMBER for Ballina Tamara Smith has accused Metgasco of holding the NSW Government to ransom over failed attempts to buy back the company’s Bentley mining lease

MP accuses Metgasco of tantrum to extort cash from taxpayers

"Belka, I think there's no greater market force than having the community turn against you and stop you..."

June 2015

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NORTH Coast councils have failed to secure any funding for local projects under the Federal Government’s $1 billion regional infrastructure fund.

Federal Gov ignores North Coast councils in regional funding

"Payback in early 2016. Spread the word ladies and gents. It's important all the National voters realise..."

April 2015

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MORE than 90% of Casino teenager Jackson Byrnes’ life threatening brain tumour has been removed during a successful seven-hour procedure.

Tired but happy Jackson amazes doctors with resilience

"Wonderful, wonderful news. Congratulations to you and your brave family Jackson. Appreciation to our..."

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QUESTIONS over the legality of a large anti-coal seam gas artwork on a Ballina Road home are not part of a larger crackdown, Lismore Mayor Jenny Dowell says.

No connection between mural question and Nannas, Dowell says

"Who is Matthew Scheibel? There doesn't seem to be much about him anywhere."

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THE GREENS NSW coal seam gas spokesperson Jeremy Buckingham wants to know if the government has an agenda to 'shut the Nannas down'.

Greens question government agenda to 'shut Nannas down'

"So, with the National back in power little old ladies aren't going to be allowed to gather. You're..."

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