June 2016

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RATEPAYERS will have to fork out about $74 extra in the 2016-17 financial year, but mayor Margaret Strelow says in the long run, it will be worth it.

ROCKY BUDGET: Jobs, economy heart of draft budget

"Must only be government departments that are increasing costs while the rest of us are reducing. For 3..."

May 2016

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IT’S now more expensive to rent in Rockhampton than former boom cities Mackay and Gladstone as the resource downturn continues to push accommodation costs down.

Rocky rent holding up

"Truly is this something to boast about that those who cannot afford to purchase a house be taken for..."

April 2016

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A SENIOR federal Liberal minister has effectively ruled out offering troubled Whyalla steelmaker Arrium a bailout.

Arrium bailout would put taxpayers' money at risk: Dutton

"I have been saying it for years that the poor management of our economy by these trough snorting pigs..."

February 2016

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THE Turnbull government will spend $195 billion on Defence by 2020-21, in a message to China not to become more aggressive in the Asia-Pacific region.

Turnbull boosts defence spending in message to China

"And all of this based on concerns in the south China sea and on the other hand the government is..."

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Flynn MP Ken O’Dowd said support from the federal government could mean everything for local business owners struggling to stay afloat.

Flynn MP keen to get money into Central Queensland

"Just WHAT might be the other areas of employment? Governments State & Federal have sold this country..."

December 2015

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LEADING researchers have dubbed the Federal Government’s innovation plan as a “turning point” for science and technology in Australia.

Govt to spend $1.1b to drive an 'ideas boom'

"I have a great idea, sack every politician, it has been these clowns who have let every innovative idea..."

November 2015

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YOU might have seen “Santa Brittany” during your drive on Yeppoon-Rockhampton Rd recently - it is part of the Keppel MP’s campaign to promote buying locally.

Brittany Lauga urges Keppel electorate to Buy Local

"If the government want to fix the economy, they themselves need to practice what they preech. The last..."

October 2015

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EVERYONE knows about Australia’s mining boom – but what about a safety boom? It’s happening in Gladstone, and this city could set a standard for the world.

CQU to host industry leaders at national OHS conference

"Be real, the world is not interested while they are happily taking all our manufacturing jobs and..."

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