April 2017

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HIGH-PROFILE Rocky backers escalate moves to build $60m project.

Rocky project urgently needed to save 1000 homes, 3000 jobs

"The issue of building the bank over an old river bed consisting of sand, silt and gravel is concerning..."

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Morning Bulletin editor argues Capricornia MP has key role to play on major project

OPINION: Landry needs to drive, not drown, levee push

"In regards to surveys for and against the levee, a presentation was made to 2015 Floodplain Management..."

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Business leader calls for renewed conversation on controversial plan as floods bears down on Rockhampton.

$50m mega project could have saved 1000 Rocky homes

"This proposal was subjected to the Rockhampton people with out having a feasibility report to see if it..."

March 2017

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Flynn MP Ken O'Dowd's media advisor to contest Queensland election

LNP reveals young gun Rockhampton candidate

"Rockhampton will vote for anything that has ALP stamped on it, no one will take this labor stronghold..."

October 2016

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The sought-after interior designer and The Block judge designer could have sat in the same school chair as your Gladstone High children

From Port city to sought-after designer on The Block

"Well done Darren, keep up the good work."

September 2016

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LOCAL street speed limits could be dropped if Marina Alexander and Dr Mark King have their way.

MUST READ: Is it time for us to drop speed limits again?

"I believe that the default speed limit of 50km/hr is sufficient, as in most cases the quieter..."

August 2016

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Emergency services en route

Taxi and Holden collide in north Rocky crash

"It is always important to check the intersection if it is safe to enter regardless of the traffic light..."

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IT IS the knock on the door no police officer wants to make. Nothing can prepare them for telling a family that a loved one has died.

Road safety week launched in Capricornia, police urge public to take heed

"Totally agree, regarding texting on phones, it is long over due for a major crack down, on this..."

December 2015

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THE latest statistics show some interesting trends with regard to road fatalities in Queensland.

READER'S VIEW: Queensland crash stats reveal risk on roads

THE latest statistics show some interesting trends with regard to road fatalities in Queensland.

November 2015

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Michael McMillan makes plans for a $150 million sports complex.

POLL: Most important infrastructure project for the region?

"I like Lea Taylors idea of a third bridge that the city of Rockhampton can use and have a new rail line..."

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