October 2017

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I’m still in disbelief that I’ve lost my 35-year-old brother to cancer just six weeks ago.

Relay For Life: In 11 days, I lost my beloved big brother

"So sorry to hear of your loss Amy xx"

August 2016

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JAMES' cheery disposition and desire to overcome the negative impact of bullies in the community has lead to the inaugural event.

James' walk sends a message to bullies

"I always love seeing James smiling and waving at everyone on the esplanade! Go James!"

June 2016

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THIS World Environment Day, June 5, please do something to help wildlife – as well as cows, chickens, pigs, sheep and other farmed animals: go vegan

Letter: Go vegan and help combat climate change

"Yes! Better for the environment, the animals and our health! "

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CALLS for crocodile shooting safaris in north Queensland have been dismissed by experts who say there is no evidence that the population is out of control.

Bob Katter's croc cull call: Let's have shooting safaris

"Hunting and culls do not work to reduce populations. After a hunting season (of any animal) the abrupt..."

March 2016

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ON MARCH 19, many of us will be turning off the lights for Earth Hour.

LETTER: Cross off meat, eggs and dairy from shopping list

"I know what I'll be doing during earth hour... enjoying a juicy veggie burger with the lights on! "

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