October 2015

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A PROTEST against roadside drug testing drew a throng of support as 51 locals faced Lismore Local Court charged with driving with an illicit drug present.

‘Polite’ protest drug driving laws at Lismore court

"What about all the oldies off their face on prescription medication behind the wheel? The punishment..."

June 2014

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TWO Lismore man were among the 19 people arrested in a huge drug bust during an unauthorised rave party near Coffs Harbour on the weekend.

Lismore men arrested in major drug bust near Coffs Harbour

"To be fair, any party that's not d.a authorized is going to attract the wrong attention (ahem..."

May 2014

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"There is no evidence that having smoked cannabis either days or weeks prior, that your driving is adversely affected," magistrate says

Lack of science raises questions for drug-driving sentencing

"Cannabis is a depressant hey? Is that why countless of Americans and Canadians are prescribed..."

April 2014

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THE National Seniors fear raising the retirement age to 70 will not mean meaningful extended working lives for the elderly.

Seniors can't see 'meaningful' jobs on Hockey's horizon

"Baby boomers were by far the largest demographic to vote LNP last election, what are you dribbling..."

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THE burden of soaring rent and mortgage costs nationwide is compounded in the Northern Rivers by lower than average incomes, experts say.

High rents, high mortgages, low incomes hurt Northern Rivers

"Yeah right, because people are just lining up to live in a suburb surrounded by gas fracking wells."

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LOCAL entrepreneur Paul Benhaim has $100 million he wants to invest in a new rural industry but there’s a catch.

Federal Govt lets $100m hemp industry plan go begging

"It's a safer bet than CSG!"

March 2014

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THE NSW North Coast continues to have the worst immunisation rates in Australia and the Byron Shire has the worst on the North Coast.

Byron immunisation rates remain Australia’s worst

"The science behind vaccination technology goes back centuries. Unfortunately those pharmaceutical..."

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REGIONAL Development Australia Northern Rivers wants co-investment in the NBN allowed, in a bid to roll out local infrastructure faster.

Co-investment bid pushes to get NBN rollout up to top speed

"Ah yes, the old 'suck it up princess' comment. Please tell me more about how your home based, small..."

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EVIDENCE of ecstasy pills and “hash cookies” being consumed at a party attended by high-ranking police officers from across NSW, heard in court case.

Alleged hash cookie party of high ranking cops on film

"I see holes in this allegation already. Who would want to eat hash cookies and then eat a bunch of..."

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AN iPhone app which allows you to chat with people around you - even if there is no internet connection or mobile phone coverage  - is set to change the way we stay connected.

FireChat app lets you connect without internet, mobile

"+1 NorthernStar should be promoting encryption and basic internet / phone security. Did you know the..."

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