February 2017

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Maryborough councillors are asking the community to pray for rain.

M'boro councillors ask community to pray for rain

"We pray daily, that the FCRC does the right thing, we also pray daily for the FCRC to act on their own..."

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For one Fraser Coast school, it would cost $60,000 to air-condition all classrooms.

Parents need to raise thousands to get air-con at school

"What of the kids over the last 100 odd years who learnt with no air con, they ate a hearty meal from..."

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FOUR week's worth of water is all that stands between a local farming family and the end of their livelihood.

Drought disaster: "We're in serious trouble now”

"That pipeline bruce is seeking, seems like a damn good idea for our local farmers, how-ever, the cost..."

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A MOTORCYCLE rider has been charged for allegedly driving almost 30km/h over the speed limit in Maryborough.

Motorcyclist caught 30km/h over limit on Bruce Hway

"Driving a 4 wheeled vehicle, and riding a 2 wheeled vehicle, we ride a motorcycle not drive, tho..."

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A Stanthorpe said he was 'filming bludgers' not showering nurses.

Cleaner who spied on showering nurses walks from court

"This is pure BS, he should have been jailed, why on earth would a magistrate not jail him, these ladies..."

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The region's infamous "dome" has kept rainfall at a minimum this year to date.

Could Fraser Coast's big dry be smashed on Sunday?

"Could zAnne Maddern be useful, could the FCRC actually do the right thing by its rate payers ?? rain ..."

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FRASER Coast councillor Stuart Taylor has refused to budge on his stance of not attending council briefing sessions - and his colleague is demanding answers.

POLL: Is it fair Cr Taylor skips council briefings?

"get rid of him, another wasted puppet scrounging off the rate payer, "

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THE power of regional media in connecting strongly with their communities has been highlighted with the release of new readership figures.

New figures show strength of regional news media

"Oh, aren't figures good to pluck out of the sky, I wonder how many Chronicle readers there really are..."

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ANIMAL welfare group RSPCA has vowed to hunt down the person responsible after a starving dog abandoned in a Darling Heights unit died in hospital.

Dog abandoned in unit dies, RSPCA vows to find owner

"and what then if the rscpa finds them, another slap on the wrist after listening to excuse number..."

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NO AMOUNT of legislation, no matter how sincere, will stop relationship violence.

COMMENT: Face it! Some men will always beat their wife

"Keep also in mind the situation where as a wife abuses her husband and family, tho the courts are the..."

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