October 2017

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WHEN Jonathon Selby got the call from the Channel 7 team, he thought it was a prank from his mate.

'You're joking': M'boro mechanic wins $30k jackpot

"couldn't have gone to a better bloke, I wish him well"

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IN pouring rain, it didn’t take long for the crash chaos to unfold at the Gold Coast 600.

Gold Coast 600: crash chaos, grid girls, and hot laps

"It's a BS race from the word go, oh yes it draws the crowds, it makes money but you only have to look..."

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As mayor, I like to refer to the region as the Family Friendly Fraser Coast.

MAYOR'S MESSAGE: These guest speakers should inspire us all

"Never heard of either of them, so I will let this night pass, but on the other hand if I were to hear..."

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ON THE Fraser Coast Chronicle's Facebook page, one of the age-old debates raged this weekend.

What's a good age to tell kids about Santa

"While the magic and total belief is still there, leave them alone, usually school brings out the truth..."

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But one analyst says: If you are 50-plus, tired, low paid and low skilled, you should be terrified because the jobs for you in the future will be automated.

Young people fear robots will steal their jobs

"Remember when it took 15 men 8 days to dig a trench, remember when it took 4 men 25 days to cut and saw..."

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The 20-year-old Scarness man pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay District Court to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Man throws punch to victim's face in a group gang-up

"yet another case where jail was needed, but yet another sentence and paroled on the day, makes me sick..."

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FOLLOWING a horror flu season, the Palaszczuk Government announced children between six months and five-years-old will be provided with free influenza vaccines.

YOUR SAY: Fraser Coast readers divided over vaccines

"People whinge about both sides of the story when it comes to vaccinating your child, the negatives..."

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'Sometimes taking the longer option might really be your best bet.'

OPINION: There is so much wrong with PayPass

"Remember number 96 came onto our screens ??? remember, people phoned the tv station and complained..."

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Appearing in court wearing a figure-hugging black dress with make-up that would make a Kardashian sister proud, this girl isn't the stereotyped drug dealer.

Bay drug dealer, 19, busted with 2kg of marijuana

"What does it take to receive a sentence from a magistrate or judge, with previous record, here we have..."

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Mayor: It's now impacting on our rental market, reducing the number of permanent available rental establishments, which is leading to price increases.

Councils seek more control over Airbnb

"Council should have a say in this situation, as if some thing goes wrong, who do people turn to, the..."

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