June 2016

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See the first look at the facade of the new Ballina High School set to open in 2019 featuring the "latest technology and innovative classroom design".

FIRST LOOK: Artist's impression of new $40 million school

"Any word on what will happen to southern Cross High School once the new school is built? Seems like..."

September 2015

July 2015

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ORGANISERS of this year's Ballina Fine Wine and Food Festival have hit back at 2LM presenter Neil Marks after he lashed the event on-air.

Radio announcer blasts festival and festival blasts back

"Kids don't have to be everywhere. its nice to be able to go to events like this without screaming..."

January 2015

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THE head of one of the country’s biggest bakery chains has launched a “not cross buns” campaign against major supermarkets jumping the gun.

"Not cross buns" go on sale to protest early Easter sales

"I get why people don't like them being sold early, but holy hell get over it, if you don't like to eat..."

November 2013

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THERE is growing frustration within the community and among Ballina councillors about the time it is taking to reopen an iconic Ballina waterfront restaurant.

Frustration building Shelly's on the Beach reopening delays

""Poorly" is an understatement. Pathetic is more like it.."

August 2013

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BALLINA Shire Council has voted to proceed with plans to fluoridate its water supply.

Ballina to proceed with fluoridation

"I don't understand why it is upto councilers to decide on such a serious issue. As much as they have..."

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BALLINA Shire Council will this month consider a motion to reverse its decision to fluoridate its water supply in the wake of Lismore's decision.

Ballina to reconsider their fluoride stance

"How about instead of adding poison to the only water supply (other than rain water) in the shire. Have..."

April 2013

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Suspended coffee sales on the Northern Rivers continue to boom, but there are still few people coming in to get them.

Suspended coffees booming, drinkers not so much

"This is a good things as long as the money from any unclaimed coffees goes to a good cause. If the..."

January 2013

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AN EIGHT-year-old boy has admitted to smashing nine glass panels at the front of the Goonellabah Sports and Aquatic Centre on Boxing Day.

‘Bored’ eight-year-old smashed GSAC doors

"LOL I see you have an opinion about them, but they can not? "

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A WOMAN swept 700m out to sea abuses rescuers, police and paramedics when she was brought to shore.

Rescued woman abuses her rescuers

"This is disgusting behaviour, tourist or not this is not how we treat the people who risk their life to..."

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