May 2017

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New complaints lodged

Nurses describe Ipswich Hospital unit as 'a living hell'

"The Union will do what all unions do when they have to protect a person's job. The bosses will get..."

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I HATE to say it, but it seems Pauline Hanson was right all along.

Hate to say it, but Pauline Hanson was right all along

"Gee it must hurt to admit Pauline was right and many of us could see this happening and our Governments..."

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City council donates vehicle to Ipswich Koala Protection Society.

New koala ambulance a Godsend for saving wildlife

"Spot on. This is just another photo opportunity for the Mayor. There is nothing like free..."

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Red Rooster is giving away 35,000 free roast chickens between now and June

FREE ROAST CHICKEN: Red Rooster giving away 35,000 chooks

"Still won't entice me back to Red Roster."

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Got a frisky dog? You need to read this.

New law spells major shake-up for dog owners, pet shops

"What about CATS, there is a home in my street who has at least 7 cats council does nothing."

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Pisasale's plan to get extension done with construction giant's help

Mayor has China solution to Redbank Plains rail line

"Is this just another look at me plan from the Mayor? Mayor Pisasale keeps promising Ipswich all..."

April 2017

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Springfield Land Corp's deputy calls for ban on political donations

CCC: We expect nothing in return for donations: Sharpless

"I'm Chocking on my lunch, as I can not stop laughing at the comments."

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Pisasale attends prestigious conference to promote Ipswich

Singapore trip set to boost city says Mayor

"Junket at rate payer expense."

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AN ESTIMATED half a million Australians have had their internet and home phone service unexpectedly disconnected after failing to switch over to the NBN.

500,000 Australians lose internet as NBN cuts them off

"To the people on fixed incomes i.e. pensioners and retirees who have moderate internet cost through..."

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