December 2015

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If you want to take a seat at some point during at Iluka’s first market of the year, you might have to bring your own.

No holiday cheer for Iluka after chairs lost

"Is council in breach of contract because they removed infrastructure that is Part of a lease for the..."

July 2015

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THE Premier has been accused of ignoring warnings about fundamentalist Christian groups operating within schools and only acting once radical Islam became an issue.

Govt 'ignored warnings' about fundamentalist Christians

"I remember about 12 years ago , my daughter came home from school , saying that , GOD puts food on the..."

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GRAFTON Cycle Club president John Harrison has provided some tips for both motorists and cyclists to stay safe while sharing the road.

Ride and drive side by side

"Most Grafton Bike rides ignore the Bridge sign saying for bike to use the pedestrian bridge , and ride..."

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OPTUS engineers have repaired a fault which was disrupting mobile telephone services in the Grafton area over the weekend.

Optus says mobile phone and data service back to normal

"Optus is always having trouble with towers , their service was great but in the last 2 years it has..."

June 2015

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IT’S amazing how politicians love free speech – as long as it works to their advantage.

OPINION: Free speech? Sometimes

"Sounds a bit like this newspaper also , with personal views pushing most stories . They only print what..."

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PARKING inspectors will be able to book people for infringements in the Grafton Mall carpark if a recommendation to the Clarence Valley Council is approved.

Grafton Mall in push for parking fines

"Who gets the money? and if this happens i want the shop keepers to know that i will never shop in..."

May 2015

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STRIPPING dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they choose to fight for a terrorist organisation is one policy that has public support.

Support for stripping terrorists of Australian citizenship

"We lost our Innocent until proven guilty when they started " random breathe testing " you get pulled..."

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THE HARD sell of convincing Clarence Valley residents they must pay more rates for fewer services begins in Maclean this afternoon.

Council to make hard sell on rates hike in public meeting

"Council should stick to roads , water and sewage if people want art and events let them fund them..."

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SMALL business owners want to stay competitive but competing with online prices and services can be difficult to impossible.

OPINION: Don’t cheapen your values to compete with online

"Local Businesses expect us to pay 30%-50% more than online and wait even longer for delivery from the..."

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