May 2017

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How the candidates concerns compare to those that voters say cause them the most grief.

What's really troubling these Coast voters

"electricity - why did it go up 45% under the LNP government and why does labour not reduce the..."

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Paranormal activity spotted speeding across Sunshine Coast skies, so was it alien life, or an earthquake warning?

UFO caught on video speeding across Coast skies

"and the phone camera was pointing in that direction just by chance? Imagine that."

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THIS is a warning by the Commissioner of the QBCC to the public under section 20J(1)(h) of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991.

WARNING: Plumber's work may have led to contaminated water

"did he do public housing work? tenant may not recall a plumbers name and have no records of the work. ..."

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<strong>BREAKING: </strong>Sunshine Coast residents have been left reeling after the shock closure of a vital local service.

Customers left reeling after closure confirmed

"16 million a day isnt enough profit for them? when is too much greed enough? nationalise the..."

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<strong>BREAKING: </strong>These are the Sunshine Coast suburbs where you're most likely to be offered drugs, according to Queensland Police crime data.

REVEALED: 11 worst places for drugs on Sunshine Coast

"which suburbs in Caloundra? caloundra is a place with 90,000 people and spreads from the coast to glass..."

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HAVE you tried finding a car park in the Maroochydore CBD when you have to be there for more than three hours?

Where council says you can park for free (and the reality)

"Parking should be free for all electric cars electric cars should have free rego electric cars..."

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A SUNSHINE Coast mother's pride on seeing her daughter married was dealt a blow by the need for the couple to leave Aussie soil to tie the knot.

'It's ridiculous': Why Coast girl got married in embassy

"congratulations to the pair of you. I hope you have a wonderful life of love and marriage together"

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New Sunshine Coast University Hospital is already facing growing pains after being hit by peak holiday demand across the Easter break.

REVEALED: New hospital struggling to keep up with demand

"casual nursing staff?surely everyone must be employed full time to bring a successful service to the..."

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EVER wondered which suburb is the Sunshine Coast’s most affluent? The answer may surprise you.

REVEALED: The Coast's richest and poorest suburbs

"and the government wondeers why we get pissed off at them giving tax breaks to everyone who is..."

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DESPITE state-of-the-art facilities there's no-one to operate this essential function at the new $1.8bn Sunshine Coast University Hospital.

Why our new $1.8bn hospital can't deliver a critical service

"so what happens with organ donations? they rot on the trip south? "

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