Driving tourists should come with warning

Story Published: 19 Feb 2017

Navigating big cities can be challenging for rural folk

Columnist Driving Funny Greg Bray Humour Tourists

TV show provides reality check on coupling

Story Published: 19 Feb 2017

Can a crazy twist on the age-old concept of arranged marriages actually work?

Column Helen Hawkes Humour Married At First Sight

SOAPBOX: How not to nail a heatwave hangover

Story Published: 17 Feb 2017

SOAPBOX: The only thing keeping me going was the fact my sweat was probably keeping me half-cut.

Column Family Home Humour Lifestyle My Say Opinion Soapbox

50 shades of weather creates a storm on Facebook

Story Published: 16 Feb 2017

We couldn't run it in print but it's worth checking out this terribly cheeky weather system

Editorial Editorial Comment Humour Porn Weather

Hump day helper: A photo to lift your spirits

Story Published: 15 Feb 2017

Thanks to QT reader Beth Nugent for sharing this photo to our Facebook page.

Humour Ipswich

LETTER: Unfortunate name for a snail

Story Published: 15 Feb 2017

A newly discovered snail has been named after Sir David Attenborough.

Humour Letters Sir David Attenborough Snails

Ahoy, is that thar pirate ship really for sale?

Story Published: 14 Feb 2017

WHAT'S a girl to do when sailing the sometimes tubulent sea of life gets a bit rough? In Tahni Davis' case, she decided to...

Humour Pirate Ship Sunny Coast Community Board

Dickson channels Pauline Hanson with new hair

Story Published: 13 Feb 2017

BUDERIM MP Steve Dickson's got a new party and now he's got a new look, although it may not be exactly what he wanted.

Crime Humour Offbeat One Nation Party Politics State Government State Politics Sunshine Coast

No hero necessary

Story Published: 5 Feb 2017

Certain qualities women desire are general and not gender-related

Funny Helen Hawkes Humour Men Relationships Women

What happened to 'our' beer?

Story Published: 29 Jan 2017

SMUG men in fancy cars have hijacked our beer ads.

Advertising Dazza'S Dirt Humour