Eating up new single status

Story Published: 3 Dec 2016

If you have a credit card, and you'd like to buy a woman dinner, give me a call. That's about my current level of...

Break-Up Humour Single

Saturday Laugh: The bear necessities

Story Published: 3 Dec 2016

Sid and Irv are business partners...

Humour Saturday Laugh

Thankfully for one Aussie MP, Castro could take a joke

Story Published: 28 Nov 2016

How an Australian MP cracked a joke aimed at the length of Fidel Castro's speeches and lived to tell the tale.

Alex Somlyay Cuba Deep Vein Thrombosis Fidel Castro Havana Humour Inter Parliamentary Union Sydney Olympics

OPINION: What if magpies had their own union?

Story Published: 27 Nov 2016

LADIES and gentlemen, welcome to the annual general meeting of SWOOP - the Society of Winged Oppressors and Other Predators...

Damian Bathersby Humour Magpie Attacks Opinion Opinion Column Swooping Magpies

Paying the price of a fashion blooper

Story Published: 27 Nov 2016

Sadly, towelling hats aren't the last word in sun protection

Greg Bray Humour Summer

What colour are these thongs?

Story Published: 21 Nov 2016

THE internet is blowing up all over again - and it's all the fault of a pair of thongs.

Editors Picks Humour Internet

16 clever thoughts about life we can all relate to

Story Published: 21 Nov 2016

WE ALL have those interesting thoughts in the shower - here are 16 shared online by Reddit users.

Humour Lifestyle

US election timing flush with irony

Story Published: 20 Nov 2016

Folks, today is World Toilet Day. I don't know who thinks these things up, but they're probably getting paid a lot more...

Column Greg Bray Humour

Coast in a flip over seal that's not a dog

Story Published: 17 Nov 2016

THE dress that wasn’t blue (or was it?), the cat that wasn’t a canine (did it just bark?) and now the seal that isn’t...

Dog Funny Humour Seal Sunshine Coast Community Board

Listen and you will learn

Story Published: 6 Nov 2016

A hinterland town is overrun by ageing hippies holding guitars.

Greg Bray Humour Music