Flag gridiron coming to Ipswich

Story Published: 23 Mar 2013

FLAG gridiron is set to be played in Ipswich for the first time during a competition being launched next month.

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Footy girls prove a hit

Story Published: 22 Aug 2012

BROTHERS Rugby League Club president Mark Kuss couldn't be happier following the first Ladies Football League game to be...

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Ladies take over field from blokes

Story Published: 10 Aug 2012

IPSWICH'S newest football team will hit the field for its first official game, but if you like big, beefy blokes bashing...

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Ladies have wow factor

Story Published: 18 Jun 2012

THEY started with “what the”, they ended with “oh yeah”. That was the fans reaction at Ipswich's first ladies gridiron...

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Ladies get to grapple with Jets

Story Published: 14 Jun 2012

GIVEN what they were wearing as they trained with the Jets, the women of the new Ladies Football League could be forgiven...

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Footy girls team up with Jets

Story Published: 9 Jun 2012

THE Ipswich Jets will welcome some recruits when the girls from the Ladies Football League Australia turn out for a...

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Huddle up for ladies' gridiron

Story Published: 13 Apr 2012

PICK the odd one out – shoulder pads, football boots, bras, mouthguards, headgear and scrums. Wrong. There are no scrums in...

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Girls just wanna play US football

Story Published: 15 Oct 2011

FROM personal trainers to businesswomen and burlesque dancers, it seems Ipswich women are lining up to don the pads and...

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