Australian gun laws are a joke

Story Published: 11 Oct 2017

Whenever there is a mass shooting in America, the Australian gun control laws are held up as an example of a 'successful'...

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Contempt delivered with finger

Story Published: 3 Oct 2017

Brave or mad, a defiant music fan flipped the bird at the Mandalay Bay gunman as a hail of bullets was fired on the...

Las Vegas Massacre Mandalay Bay Casino Mass Shooting

'He screamed at us to run': Coast women flee Vegas shooting

Story Published: 3 Oct 2017

COAST woman Jessica Nelson has detailed her and Coast friend Emma Threlfall’s terrifying escape from a gunman at a Las...

Editors Picks Las Vegas Las Vegas Massacre Las Vegas Shooting Mass Shooting Shooting

'He snapped': Las Vegan gunman's brother shocked by massacre

Story Published: 3 Oct 2017

THE brother of Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock said the 64-year-old “snapped” before carrying out the worst mass shooting...

Eric Paddock Las Vegas Massacre Mass Shooting Stephen Paddock

What does your favourite book mean to you?

Story Published: 25 May 2017

SOMETIMES it can be difficult to decide on a favourite book, but there is usually one that leaves an imprint on you.

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Barack Obama's response to mass shootings has changed

Story Published: 15 Jun 2016

Barack Obama has been unable to enact any meaningful gun legislation during his presidency; and this frustration has shown...

Barack Obama Mass Shooting

Club massacre texts: 'He's coming. I'm gonna die"

Story Published: 13 Jun 2016

"HE'S coming. I'm gonna die.'' That was the chilling text message a terrified son sent his mother as he was trapped inside...

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Orlando shooter 'filled with hate' towards gays

Story Published: 13 Jun 2016

The shooter who killed at least 50 people in a LGBT nightclub in Florida called emergency services and swore allegiance to...

America Editors Picks Lgbti Mass Shooting

Weeping Obama reveals plan for tighter gun controls

Story Published: 6 Jan 2016

WIPING away tears, President Barack Obama made an emotional plea to increase background checks for buyers of firearms over...

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California massacre: The two front pages dividing America

Story Published: 4 Dec 2015

TWO front pages covering California's mass shooting attacks have divided Americans and sparked fierce online debate.

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